Traditional and modern!

Kühnendahl Display has been a leading supplier of promotional items in the beverage industry for over 30 years. Relying on this tradition, we have
developed a large number of innovations and made many improvements.

Modern equipment for high quality
Constant investment in new machinery and the qualification of our employees are the basis of quality and delivery on time.

Perfect promotion
For generations, our roots have been in the printing industry. This is the reason why we attach great importance to the quality of visualizing your motifs. Modern prepress processes, latest printing machines and our
experienced machine operators take care of this.

Injection molding and logistics in perfect coordination
Injection molding plastics is an art. We have made repeated investments and advanced research in these fields. Optimum results obtained for all products show that this was a correct decision. At the same time, we
expanded our warehousing capacity and made transport routes shorter, our version of full service.



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