Still successful in the second generation!

Karl-Heinz Kühnendahl founded the company Kühnendahl Display GmbH & Co. KG back in 1974.
The company’s name is a result of its activities in creative outdoor advertising at the time. The contacts to Germany’s top brewers which came about in the course of this were the origin of the idea to develop quality plastic trays.

Today the management of the company is in the hands of Matthias Kühnendahl, who continues on the lines trailed by his father. In the course of years, the position as tray supplier was strengthened and new, innovative trays added to the range for the beverage industry constantly.

We hope the following pages showing
our comprehensive range of high quality innovative plastic products will win you over.

Present and promote ...

The traditional cooperation with Germany’s largest
beverage suppliers and the catering industry brings
forth ever new innovative products of high use
value and attractive design.

Expertly matched sets constantly emerge from the variety of products we make.

Make sure that your beverages are selling fast in the market!

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