Advertising with "transparency"

Always something new and different in the tray sector is our goal. With the "transparent" tray, we have succeeded in combining the classic possibilities of advertising with   transparent material.

Of course, all possibilities of advertising are given, from simple screen printing to 4-colour offset printing on the front and back side.

All tray shapes can be realised. The colours are freely selectable, as with the classics. Let your creativity run free. We implement your ideas for you!

Print and color

Printing options

The advertising is individually adapted to your needs in order to achieve the optimum result for each motif and to put your message in a perfect light.

The printing techniques offset, screen or hot foil embossing can be applied to all our products.

We will be happy to advise you individually!

Plastic colors

What color should it be?

The plastic of our products can be coloured as desired. In this way, the corporate design of your company can also be perfectly adhered to in your advertising materials. Our production is based on RAL, HKS or Pantone colours.

We also mix the given colour for you according to a colour sample - exactly to the tone!

Available anti-slip coatings

We offer four different coatings, all of which are firmly integrated into the tray.

The Long live crystal version provides a crystal clear, smooth surface. The advertising print is protected from mechanical damage, the surface is scratch-resistant. The Long live structure coating ensures good visibility of the advertising, is scratch-resistant and shows improved behavior in wet conditions. Glasses and bottles do not slip. The scratch-resistant Long live drain coating is a great eye-catcher thanks to its pronounced circular groove structure. The behavior in wet conditions is excellent, and aqua-planing can be reliably avoided. The Long live grip coating is similar to rubber, but transparent. The surface thus shows an optimum anti-slip effect even in very humid conditions. All variants are firmly integrated into the tray.

All variants are available at the same price.


Long live crystal

Crystal does not loose sight of things. The extremely smooth surface will make your advertising appear in the right light, will protect the print against mechanical damage and will thus  make it highly scratch-resistant. It is dishwasher-safe and prevents the glasses from slipping.

Long live structure

Structure with its special surface shows an even better wet performance than Crystal, while the visibility of the adverts is almost unrestricted. The tray‘s high scratch resistance will make  it appear much longer in the best possible light. It goes without saying that Structure, too, is dishwasher-safe.

Long live drain

Many of Drain‘s features are similar to those of Structure. Its actual advantage, however, is the ideal aquaplaning behavior thanks to its distinctive groove structure. The circular structure  of the coating makes it possible to generate fantastic effects for your adverts. Scratch resistance and dishwasher safeness will add further benefits to this type of coating.

Long live grip

Grip gives the impression of a rubber coating, although it remains transparent, so that it offers an optimal anti-slip effect even in the wettest conditions. However, this is the only range which is not dishwasher-safe.

Are you interested in our products?

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Get in contact with us!

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have quickly and easily.

Get in contact with us!

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have quickly and easily.